The background of this widget goes outside the current position.

No coding, no css! 




width !

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All widgets can be extended to display their content outside the current position. You can extend either only the background, either the content on one side or both, and choose the distance of the extension.

The background can be a color or an image.

This can be done inside any Joomla template.



None / Background only / All content

Choose background if you want to extend only the background, and keep the content at the same place. Choose all content to extend also the content.

Be careful when you extend content. If you are using a Joomla template with modules on the left or right side. Be aware that some content can be hidden by the modules.



Both sides / Left / Right

In wich direction extend the widget.



0% to 100%

Set the strength of the extension : 0% for no extension, 100% for fit all the available width on the sides.



Some extra html is added when rendering the widget. When it is possible, only css is used. If not, javascript is used to fit exactly the background and content.