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Use widgets in any Template
Use widgets with bootstrap 2
Use widgets with bootstrap 3
Content pack : 12 widgets
Media pack : 9 widgets
Nav pack : 8 widgets
Blog pack : 7 widgets    

Widgets settings

Most commun options in all widgets
General display (alignment and margins)
Advanced display : sub-elements free positions : headers, image captions, legends...  
More contents : sub-headers, sub-legends in grid, sliders, tabs, ...  
Advanced settings : advanced common settings : border, background, shadows, fonts...  
Custom advanced options in many widgets : tabs, sliders, buttons, grid...  
Advanced behaviour : list paginations, columns...  
Enable css class in the properties    
Custom patterns for widgets    
Custom patterns for sub-elements    
30+ Animation effects for widgets      
30+ Animation effects for sub-elements      
Customize each animation effect      
Animations effects on mouse hover sub-elements      
Animations effects with page scrolling on sub-elements      

Widgets conditionnal display  More information

Display of each widget / device  
Display of each widget / language      
Display of each widget / user - group - level      
Display of each widget / home - menu - category - article - tag - component      
Display of each widget / date - time - month - day      


Simple access (author/administrator) for front-editing
Permissions by group for create/edit/delete widgets      
Permissions by group for create/edit/delete patterns      
Permissions by group for editing options (front)      
Permissions by group for page management      
Permissions by group for each widget content editing      
Permissions by group for each widget options      
Permissions by group for each widget display settings      

Front-editing : widgets

NextGenEditor toolbar for page editing
Add/Edit widgets in any Joomla! editor
Drop widgets anywhere inside the page : article - modules - positions
Edit widgets content : header, content text - legend
Manage sizes and margins with the mouse
Move widgets (Reorder inside container)
Inline-editing of glyphs and images

Front-editing : Joomla

Inline editing of article title
Inline editing of article content
Inline-editing of blog content
Inline-editing of modules content
Publish/unpublish modules
Remove modules
Front-end full configuration of modules

Frontend page theming

Usable with most common templates    
Custom advanced settings for borders - background - fonts    
Custom settings for display : widths, position    
Theming on page body - main container    
Theming on each position    






Development / API

PHP API for each widget
Insert widgets in any joomla component
Create widgets with php coding
Plugins planned for most current Joomla extensions...        


Updates unlimited 6 months 1 year 1 year
Public forum
Priority support    


Licence GPL V3 GPL V3 GPL V3 GPL V3
Compatibility 3.X 3.X 3.X 3.X