NextGenEditor to work natively in Joomla

NextGenEditor has 3 main features :

- page builder
- front-editing
- widgets creation

All these 3 features are highly integrated in Joomla and are plugged with native content. So in many cases, you can use either the Joomla administration screens, either the NextGenEditor editing features in front. For example when you edit an article in front-end with NextGenEditor, it is saved instantely in the Joomla article content. If you change an article title in front-end, the article title is changed in Joomla. Images in the NextGenEditor media manager are those that exists in the Joomla media manager.


In any content

The NextGenEditor widgets can be used in absolutely any Joomla content. It can be Joomla articles, modules, but all contents in any Joomla component. If any content is editable with the Joomla editor, you can add inside this content a widget.


Short codes for widgets

To create widgets, NextGenEditor uses a proven way that is shortcodes : NextGenEditor is a shortcode engine.

When you add a widget in your editor, a shortcode is added in the html content.

<part data-part="30" data-class="images.slider">&nbsp;</part>

This code is not visible in the editor. A widget icon is displayed. If you look at the html source code, you can see the short code.

The code contains the id of the widget in the database (table #__nge_parts). All the contents and the settings of the widget are stored in this table. See widgets storage in database

When you display any content in Joomla, the content plugin finds any <part> shorttag and replace it by the widget.


Native Joomla content for page builder

The page builder uses theming screen to help you to choose your settings. The settings are writen in a css file that is added at the end of any Joomla page.

So the css settings of the Joomla template are still used, and you custom theming setting add after.