You can easily create a text content in a module position, using a Panel Widget. So you will be able to do inline editing just by clicking on the text.

  • You need to be logged in front side as author or administrator.

  • In the current page, unlock the page edition : click on the NextGen Editor button visible on the left side of the screen.

  • In the NextGenEditor button in the left side, click on the “+” button.

  • Choose the “Panel” Widget in the “Panels” category. Drag and drop it in a position in the page.

  • The widget configuration windows opens. Set the content and options. Validate the window

  • the new widget is now visible in the position.

  • You can edit again the widget with its toolbar, and the “Configuration” button.

The widget has been created as a classical module, available in the Joomla administration screens. The module type is “NextGen Editor”