NextGenEditor is an extension for Joomla 3.x.
It provides an extraordinary new way, fast and easy to manage content.
And brings you new modern visual elements : tabs, animated text, sliders, ...
Some samples : add tabs, text or image sliders, popovers without any code.
Put your articles in tabs, or your modules in popovers!



Manage your page

On each of your pages : click on the NGE Unlock button :
- Add, modify, sort, and delete modules by drag & drop in the available positions. Real instant update!.
- Inlineediting : modify your article simply clicking on it.
- Add the new NGE widgets by drag & drop in your articles.
- Edit the elements content by inlineediting (simple click), and the options with a simple button.


demo 2


Continue to use your favorite editor

- You can edit your article by the classic way, modifying the article and displaying your current editor.
- A new button in the editor (Tinymce, JCE, JCK, ARK) allows you to add and manage the new NGE elements.


Use widgets

- 30 widgets in the free distribution : 

- Content Pack : Label/popover, Dropcap, Title, Automatic columns, Content transformation, Expandable text, Text panel, Grid, Tabs, Accordion, Slider, Carousel.
- Media Pack : Image, Zoomed image,Grid, Slider, Carousel, ticker, Video, Audio, Flash.
- Navigation Pack : Links, Buttons, Buttonbar, List, Dropdown, Menus, Menu lists, menu columns.
- Add, modify, delete elements by drag & drop in your article or in the module positions.

- All visual options, no code. Preview while conceiving elements.
- Patterns for reusing
- Responsive, access levels.


demo 3



Mobile ready 

All components are full responsive. You ca choose to make them visible or not on each device. You can define access levels for each one.







Full features list