When you create a widget in a page, a shortcode is added inside this page, the content and the settings are stored in a separated table in the database.


Widgets content

#__nge_parts, field content

The content of each NGE widget is saved in this table. Content and settings are separated :

  • Content is stored in the "content" field, as json string.
  • Option and display settings are stored in the "params" field as json string
Tip : for some special reason, you could want to change one widget to another, for example transform a grid widget as a carousel, to get more blocks with a movement effect. This operation is a little bit tricky but can be made. For one widget, in the #__nge_parts table, change its type to another in the "part" field, for example "panels.grid" to "panels.carousel". The content and the common settings will be kept (for example theming of each thumbnail), and you can edit the new widget in its configuration screen to change the new carousel settings.

Be careful if you want to modifiy contents. Content is stored as json string. If you make manual modifications, you must match the current json syntax.


Widget params

#__nge_parts, field params

The options and display settings of each widget is saved in the "params" field.

They are stored in a json format. To findout a property, find in the configuration screen the input field that you are interested in, with the browser inspector and find its name.
For example header[border][color]. The corresponding value stored in the json string can be found in the json object in the same path : {"header" :{"border" :{"color" : "#ffffff"}}}

Be careful if you want to modifiy stored settings. Settings are stored as json string. If you make manual modifications, you must match the current json syntax.


Content history


When you edit a widget, all the old version are stored in this table. The content field and params field are the same that in the main parts table. Thier content can be retrieved and copied.

See recover widgets content

Notice : if you have some NGE Widgets in an article, the widget content is not stored in the article ( #__content table), and not saved with the "article versions" , but is stored in the #__nge_parts table. 


Widget definitions and categories


Contains the categories of the widgets : content, media, navigation...


Contains the widgets types.
Tip : if you want to disable some widgets in the configuration screens, change the "state" field value to 0 instead of 1.




All patterns of the widgets and for subsettings (panel header for example) are stored in this table.