All NGE Widgets use an internal API while rendering in the final page. This API is usable anywhere in Joomla, for example to use parts in custom components or modules. The API is actually working, but there is no documentation right now.

With the API, you can create any part in PHP language, without any javascript. ("php wrapper"). All classes of this API can be visible in the components/com_nge/helpers/api directory

For example :

To display a label "[?]" with a popover (article id 16 in the content popover) : the syntax is about :

$helpPart = NGE::part('text.label');
$helpPart->label = '[?]';
$helpPart->style = 'dotted';
$helpPart->popover->position = 'bottom';
$helpPart->popover->caption = 'Help to import a file';
$helpPart->popover->font->color = '#ffffff';
$helpPart->popover->background->color = '#6597DC';
$helpPart->popover->width->mode = 'custom';
$helpPart->popover->article = '16';