You can define borders on different elements of a widget : title, body, multiple content, legend and main border. 



Default : keeps the default border defined in the template styles.
None : removes border even if it was defined in the template styles.
Solid/Double/Dotted/Slashed : custom style of the border.


You can define a small border : 1px or wider.

Tip : you can define border only on the left size and choose a very large width to get flat rectangles. 


Define the color of the border. See animations effects for hover colors.



You can choose on wich sides you want to display a border.

Tip : choose top and bottom for Titles. Choose left and a wide border to get a flat rectangle.


Rounded corners

You can define square or rounded corners. You can choose each corner to be rounded or not. Define radius for the depth of the rounding.



Many animations effects are available on borders : erffects on display or on mouse hover.




These border settings are rendered as css styles inside the widget in a <style> tag. It overrides the default css settings of the template, except if your template uses the !important rule.