Taste the freedom


A new way to build and edit your site.
Power and ease finally united









Create like a pro!

Build your whole website with easy screens, without technical knowledge.
Work directly in your pages in an intuitive way.


Save hundreds of hours

Use the page builder and the inline-editing to go fast

Manage your modules in front-end

Build all your visual components with one global solution : 40 quality widgets


A new way to working

Allow your designers to build themselves real time mockups, and widgets usable in production.

Allow your clients to change or their content while preserving the presentation.

Enjoy powerfull access rights, conditional displays


Discover Visual Creativity

Build all your contents on Joomla frontend, no coding.

Intuitive and powerful screens in any Joomla website.

Inline-editing - Drag and Drop - 40 stunning widgets - Animations


See features

Edit the current article

Click anywhere in the article. An editor becomes visible. When you click elsewhere, the content is automatically saved.

Edit the modules

Click on the toolbar over each Joomla module to manage. (Work on major templates).

Click inside the texts to edit. (Inline-editing)

Create new elements

Click on the "+" button, drag and drop an element anywhere into the page : inside the article or in modules positions.

Open source

All products you can find on our website are released under the GNU General Public License.

Front editing

Direct editing for articles,

modules and elements.

Manage modules

Edit modules in front: Edit, publish, unpublish or delete.


Install the extension and use it freely.

No charge.

Unlimited websites

Install the extension

in as many sites as you want.

Free support

Full support for free by contact us

or by using the forum.

Drag & drop

Drag any elements everywhere in the page : in the current article for the moment and in any modules position soon. 

All templates

Works in all templates.
Warning : module editing only works in simple templates (protostar)


With NGE your content will be accessible on desktop and mobile platforms. No extra steps or programming required.

NextGenEditor, the versions


Find the right plan for your needs

Licenses come with a lifetime validity. Lifetime support. Upgrades during 6 months/1 year (according to the plan).

30 days money back guaranty if you are not satisfied




To discover 

  • 30 Widgets - front editing - compatible in any editor
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • Forum support

Essential29 €

For occasional usage

  • 30 Widgets - front editing - compatible in any editor
  • + 200 advanced settings 
  • Unlimited installations
  • 6 months upgrades
  • Forum support

Premium199 €

For full features and 

  • 30 Widgets - front editing - compatible in any editor - 200 advanced settings - 7 blog widgets - custom patterns - page theming
  • + 30 Animated effects 
  • + Conditionnal display
  • + advanced user ACL
  • Unlimited installations
  • 1 year upgrades
  • Priority support