NextGenEditor is a Joomla extension. You can install it from the administration menu of your website : Extensions - Manage - Install.

When installation is done, you can see a new "NextGenEditor" button in your usual editor (JCE, JCK, ARK), and in your website front-pages when you are logged as administrator.



Joomla : NextGenEditor can be used on any Joomla website on the 3x branch, and on the 4x branch.

PHP : It can be used with PHP >=5.3. It can be used with PHP 7.x.



  • Connect to Joomla administration : http://yourwebsitedomain/administrator

  • 'Install from Web' tab. If the "Install from Web" tab doesn't exist, click on the "Add Install from web tab" button.

  • Find NextGenEditor extension : search the word “NextGen”. Then click on the NextGen Editor panel, then on the “Install” button.


Zip install 

You can also install the extension with the "Upload package file" tab. Go in the www.nextgeneditor.com website, in the menu “Download”, NGE editor, then “NGE Editor”. Download the file in your computer. In the Joomla "Upload package file" tab, drag your zip file or use the "browse button".



You can choose translations files for NextGenEditor. Go in the download area of www.nextgeneditor.com to download

Plugin for Ark



The NextGenEditor extension follows the Joomla automatic updates feature. Your are advised when a new release is available for update. To make an update, Go in  : Extensions - Manage - Update. Check the NextGenEditor line and click on the "Update" button on top of the screen.


Upgrade to paid plans

If you want to upgrade towards a NextGenEditor paid plan, go in the www.nextgeneditor.com website to buy and download it. Install it as Joomla extension.


Update a paid version

To update an paid version (pro, premium...), your subscription id has been written in the NextGenEditor component parameters. You can check it or fill it if it is missing in Components - NextGenEditor, then in the "Configuration" button at the bottom of the main panel screen. The go in the "Updates" tab.




If you encounter install problems for any reason, the install or update can be made again. Especially sql database changes in the NGE tables can be made more than one time. 

The detailed sql operations on SQL tables can be found in the directory administrator/components/com_nge/sql where you can find the install scripts and update scripts, for each version.