You can find here the main changes in each new version release.



Release 2018-03-29


Fix ACL records, that can cause in certain circumstances impossibility to log in Joomla after uninstall NGE extension.
Fix glyph picker navigation in configuration screens when called in Joomla administration



Release 2018-03-24


Layout enhanced in several forms
Enhance buttons of NGE modal windows in tinymce
Add custom preview image in the video widget
Enhanced descriptions in the widgets configuration screens
Adding widgets duplicate and remove in articles when Yootheme template


Fix creating widgets issue in Joomla administration when display error notices enabled on server
Fix content editor in multiple widgets (tags, grid,...) when adding more than 2 new items
Fix load background image in page position theming (pro/premium plans)
Fix fonts properties in body theming (pro/premium plans)
Fix preview not displaying in configuration screen after previously another configuration screen while preview was still loading
Fix frontediting user assets (premium plan)
Fix saving widget in frontend when display errors on (notice)
Fix preview error in config form when using with ark editor
Fix inline editing with ark in frontend
Fix modules toolbars in front
Fix load of saved history for a widget
Fix editor input areas in widgets configuration screen when called from article in administration




Release 2018-02-05

This release fixes several severe security issues.


All configuration screen 10x faster. All screens loaded on demand
New  animation effects
Color tint on background images
More accurate settings in font spacing (0.1 step)
Increase maximum font size in title widget (72 => 250)
Show all widgets in front-end in editing mode whatever the conditionnal display
Check while installing, for fast display images cache in the media manager, even in protected hostings
Lazy loading of videos for best performance when a lot of videos in the same page.
Validation and cancel buttons enhenced in the configuration screen when called in backend from the 3rd part editors
adding file link on any widgets to display or download (pdf, xls, images...)
Change NextGenEditor panel screen presentation in administration


Many security fixes, sql injection, session check, user acl, media manager.


Fix options lost in configuration screens when editing existing widgets
Fix download link of ark plugin for NextGenEditor
Fix NextGenEditor plugin installation for ARK
Fix Ok button missing when configuration screens loaded by jck editor in backend
Fix widgets library display when called in frontend by jck editor
Fix Ok button missing after canceling imbricated configuration screens
Fix wrong position when background overflow on title widgets
Fix error message in theming screen of a position in front
Fix notice display in configuration preview when starting a new content slider
Fix arrows positions in the sliders
Fix missing translations in the slider widget
Fix missing translations in conditionnal display
Fix filters for categories and tag in widgets conditionnal display
Fix filters for date and time in widgets conditionnal display
Fix inline editing in article when containing widgets with display conditions
Fix saving a pattern in backend
Fix border preset themes selection on buttons
Stops play video and audio when closing the configuration sreen.
Display only non deleted menu items in the menu items selectors in the configuration screens
Fix javascript error (initFieldPattern) in the patterns manager
Fix javascript error (matchheight) in the patterns manager
Fix display settings in the widget images ticker
Fix display rendering in widget columns menu
Fix display rendering in widget list menu
Fix rules rendering in widget fluid columns
Fix big delete buttons covering the multiple tabs in widgets configuration screens when loaded from NGE modules
Fix notice messages in front in some cases when NGE modules with conditional display
Fix frozen screen when storing new widget in article
Fix "Create widget in the article" message stored permanently in the article
Fix Joomla bootstrap js loading when library is not present in current template


Release 2017-10-27

Main added

Relooking : changing colors and themes in all screens
Introducing material design icons in the screens
Image resizing and image crop in the media manager
Animated effects on all widgets
Patterns preview in the patterns manager

Main fixes

Fixes compatibility issues with Joomla 3.8.0
In frontend editing, when editing an article, displays only the introduction or the full article depending on the article setting


Release 2017-10-27



Release 2017-06-27



Release 2017-06-09



Release 2017-05-25


Main changes

All configuration screens loaded faster
Whole internal change of all widgets property names, allowing generic screens and subscreens
New Joomla blog widgets
Background and content overflow on the sides


Release 2016-05-15



Release 2016-02-22



Release 2016-02-11



Release 2015-12-08

First release


Release 2018-03-24


Layout enhanced in several forms
Enhance buttons of NGE modal windows in tinymce