NextGenEditor is a universal editor and page builder. It works with Joomla native content. It can be used in any Joomla templates, to edit content, change page theming and add widgets.


Template frameworks

NextGenEditor can be used in these frameworks : T3, Yootheme, Gantry



The best way to use NextGenEditor is to use a simple template like protostar that is the default template in Joomla.

Use the page theming to change base theming in the page background, each position and the titles (h1-h6). Then create your widgets and take advantage of the patterns. 

Your are not dependant on external changes in any external framework.



Widgets can be used in any template. The widgets have their own theming settings, that are independant of the template.used.

Each The template settings have very often a default 


Bootstrap 2 and bootstrap 3



With the page

Content Editing





In theory, NextGen Editor is usable in all Joomla templates. In practical, some template frameworks (T3, Yootheme, Gantry…) make many internal adaptations that can cause problems with NextGen Editor. With these templates, some features cannot work correclty, especially module editing.

The NGE Widgets can be used in any template. They need bootstrap to be present. Bootstrap can be already included in the template.

If not, go in the NextGenEditor component configuration, and choose “Add bootstrap”.

If your template uses bootstrap 3 version, go in the NextGen Editor configuration, and choose “Bootstrap version 3”.