You can remove any Joomla module in Frontend.



  • You need to be logged in front side as author or administrator.

  • In the current page, unlock the page edition : click on the NextGen Editor button visible on the left side of the screen. You can now edit many contents in the current page.

  • go with your mouse over the module. A small toolbar becomes visible.

  • click on the “Delete” Button.

Warning : the module will be removed definitely (in the trash). You can also unpublish the module. You will be able to publish it again later, with the “Publish” button.



When you start a new website with a preset template with samples, there can be many modules in the webpages. Save precious time by removing all unwanted modules just clicking on them, avoiding searching each one in the Joomla Backend.



You can use the unpublish button to unpublish a module.

Yan can publish it again when you want. The unpublished module is visible. You can go hover it, and use the module toolbar to publish it again.


This functionnality is 100% Joomla complient. When you remove a Joomla module with the NextGenEditor toolbar, the new status of the module is saved in the current settings of the module. If you go in Joomla administration, you see the module with the trashed status. You can both remove modules in the Frontend with NextGenEditor or in the Joomla Backend.