When you use your current editor (Tinymce, Jce, Ark, …), you can see in the editor toolbar a new button “NextGen Editor”.

With this button, you can add NGE widgets inside the content you’editing.

  • Display your content : move the cursor in the text where you want to add the widget.

  • Click on the NGE button, choose the Widget.

  • In the configuration Screen, set the content and options. Validate the window

  • The widget is created. You can see it in the content as an icon.

Modify the widget : doucle-click on the widget icon, or select the icon and click on the NextGen Editor button.

Move the widget : select the icon, copy and paste it where you want. Warning : if you copy and paste a widget icon in another article, the widget is the same. If you modify it in one article, it will be modified also in the other article.

Delete the widget : select the icon and delete it.