The accordeon is a visual component with multiple dropdown panels that can opzn/close like an accordion. Each panel can display your custom html content, Joomla,articles, or Joomla modules, and benefits from advanced theming and animations effects.




Common features

This component has general features common to all NGE UI components.

  • Alignment in page : left/center/right/justify
  • Width : content/custom (% or px) 
  • External margins
  • Animated display effects (40+ effects) See more
  • Hover effects See more
  • Patterns (custom patterns)
  • Extend background on the sides : Background/Content See more
  • Conditional display : users/levels/groups, menus/categories/articles/tags/components, date/time/month/day, smartphone/tablet/desktop/printer, language See more
  • Edition permissions (content – select patterns – custom settings – display settings) See more




Inline editing

This component can be edited directly in front-end. See more





Without coding : this component can be created 100% without coding and without technical knowledge. All features are configurable on the screen.
Override : all rendered code : html, css, js can be overriden (Joomla template override). See More
API : this component can be created in PHP in any Joomla content or module/component, using the internal API. See more