Fantastic Work from an Experienced Joomla Dev !

6 years 5 months ago #4041 by Chacapamac
Chacapamac created the topic: Fantastic Work from an Experienced Joomla Dev !
I’m building web sites starting from the html era. I’m a multimedia interface specialist and ONLY Joomla site builders for serious business only.

I was browsing editors to see if finally somebody will give a tools that are really gear toward a real CMS experience. I try all big editors out there and now I’m using JCE on all my sites.

Sadly, all of theses editor bring the same enormous problem. Today, with the multi-devices sites and css styling, web content need to be more structured and encased in Paragraph, Div’s, classes, ID’s and other containers like responsive grid of elements and sometimes complex templates structure are needed . All that jazz make editing article or other content lot more complicated for unexperienced content manager or site owner with the “Normal” type of editors. This completely defeat what a CMS should be.

Unexperienced editors or even experienced one should be ALWAYS able to edit rapidly, easily without having to enter the html code or introducing errors in the initial design and structure and this is not what the main editors offers, yet. To edit your CMS with theses traditional Editors, You NEED a REALLY experienced code editor to understand and modify any modern content.

After rapidly review your product I can see that, at last, somebody is going in the good direction. If you guys (and girls) are able to continued ameliorate your product to permit any Joe to build safely any content and also permit the more experienced content builders use all the tools possible you will have a big success and be the first to better the complete Joomla CMS and bypass one of the major Achilles' heel of all CMS. An easy edition.

Good Job, I will experienced your products and come back with suggestions. I have great expectation!

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6 years 5 months ago #4042 by jmbouille
jmbouille replied the topic: Fantastic Work from an Experienced Joomla Dev !
thank you very much, this is very encouraging for us. I appreciate a lot!

It is a huge project, but I am very confident about the quality and the success of it.
At that time, it is very difficult for us, because it was a huge technical work, with many difficulties to bypass. I am working on it for 4 years. The project is not known at all, and we have a very few users at that time, and we hope it will be better very soon.
We do our best with our limited means. We must now work on the communication, documentation, demo...

the project has been conceived in a technical and professionnal way. All is very structured, and I separated very strong from the beginning content and options. It is already very advanced in professional features, like acl, reusability, and professional UI components (I don't like the term "Widget" ;-) ...).
We use the project since one year for one big client, wich is the first french newspaper : In their website, they make all their charts and tables with our solution that has been adapted in a professional workshop. There are 130 journalists and designers using it, and they have made 3000 high quality charts and tables. It is working like a charm, and it shows that the project is robust. is the 3d most used french website (50 millions visits in september 17, , I am quite proud of it!).

We have many widgets ready for professional usage, especially many widgets with connections with databases and webservices.
We have very advanced widgets for highquality charts using all highcharts features, and also very powerfull tables widgets,and a XlsToScreen widget.
I am almost ready to plug the widgets on many Joomla extensions like K2, easyblog, etc...
This is a first axis of development, that will help us to start.
In the same time, our second axis development is preset themes and patterns. This will be very usefull to show the power of the solution to endusers and designers.

I am very concerned with the endusers, especially non specialists. I made myself many very small websites during years. This is why, even if the solution is huge and professional, I want it to be simple to all users. My goal is to bring all the needed editing features in front-end of Joomla : inline-editing, adding new pages, building pages, theming, referencing that are really, really missing in Joomla, and that could make it one of the the best CMS on earth!
It is very simple. Just have a look a and you understand what is an easy way to build a website. To my mind, it is the best interface now among all the existing projects.
My goal is to bring all these editing features free, to the benefits of Joomla, and this will help us to make grow our own project.
To make it live and grow, I hope I will be able to sell professional plans and specialized UI components.

I am trying right now to communicate more about the project, and find to good balance and the good communication between and easy wide-used product, and at the same time, a professional tool.

So all your remarks will be really welcome.
I am very interested with all suggestions for improvments : technical improvements, and about the general presentation and communication to present the project in a professional way.
Please send me a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I will send you the full premium version to get all your remarks.

If you could just write your comment as is, in the extensions reviews, that would be really great and would help us a lot.

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6 years 5 months ago #4043 by Chacapamac
Chacapamac replied the topic: Fantastic Work from an Experienced Joomla Dev !
I believe you that it’s a massive work behind it.

Yes, I will be please to try it and give you feedback on my experience.
I will probably start with the article edition/creation first and modules edition after. Be sure, after having a little bit more knowledge about it I will post a review — I’m already a fan! — I will send you a email.

Good Day!

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