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4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #4003 by ssnobben
ssnobben created the topic: About posting with Instagram etc...
Hi & congrats to new version!

I saw a discussion about Joomla not strong in posting to social media network integrating Instagram etc and wonder how this is done in NextGenEditor?

In WP social media sharing everything works very well and looks good.
In Joomla you will not find anything that works well and is free. I am not even going to try out something that cost when there is tools that are free and works.
For example the problems with Joomla and social media:
1. You can't share a Joomla article in Facebook, with the image to the article coming along. Bugs and errors.
2. You can't find an extension that shares articles properly to Twitter. Only thing that works is Addtoany, but there is some issues with Firefox that makes it dissapear because of Adblock/ghostery
3. Images from Instagram and Twitter can't be placed in Joomla articles. In WP it is easy and works well.

I mean, if you want to market your page well, in social media, in Google, Bing; do not use Joomla. Use WP. Joomla is far behind WP in social media. And this is a very important point. Because what is the use of having a website if nobody can see it and it is slow.

WP is the winner.


Would be nice to see some explanation how this is done in the NGE editor directly and works

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4 years 6 months ago #4005 by jmbouille
jmbouille replied the topic: About posting with Instagram etc...
NextGenEditor is at its very beginning, so there are some things not implemented yet. There is nothing at the moment for the social media.
This is a big and important subject, and I prefered to do something complete when all our tools will be ready and mature.

The goal of the NGE project is to bring free all the tools be able to build a whole website, for the non-specialists, at the standarts of the market. So, clearly the goal is to get Joomla with NGE as good as WP and solutions as Wix for beginners.
Imagine a global solution, as easy as wix, where in addition you are the owner of your website without a platform subscription dependancy, and can customize it and evolve with all the powerfull and ecosystem of Joomla!, Whaoo!

So there are two big subjects for me that we want in integrate in NGE but do not yet exist : social network and translations.

For social network we plan to bring :
- a pack of social widgets to include inside the page, for example twitter timeline or instagram images. The widgets can be numerous (for instagram, that can be an image, but also sliders, image grids...)
- inline-editing facilities in front-end for managing globally all the social media content, especially the Open Graph meta.
- a social widget button-bar that can be full customized.

For multi-language, the goal is to purpose inline-editing in front-end in an easy way for translations, based on the main existing tools : native language in Joomla!, and falang or others.

Some developments have started. As soon as the project grows up, we will be able to work again on these two subjects.

My commerical goal is to bring free all the standard capabilities, especially editing. That includes social networks. And to have paid advanced widgets and professional packs.
If Joomla! can be easier in front for beginners, it can be more used and it is better for all.

I hope this big explanation is clear. In fact, I am not personally a great specialist either of social media, and any help and ideas are really welcome.

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4 years 1 month ago #4036 by jmbouille
jmbouille replied the topic: Any request about social media network?
Hello, I am working these days on social media networks butons in NextGenEditor.
My goal is to purpose social buttons in the free version for all main needs in Joomla. Then to add more powerfull settings and features in the other plans of NextGenEditor.

As I am not an expert in this domain. Can anyone give me some ideas or requests.

I plan to purpose configurable buttons to share Joomla articles for the main 10 networks. These buttons will be configurable for their content (url) and theming (shape, colors, icons...).
These are buttons to share Joomla articles to the networks.

The big work is to add the og tags to the good contents in the article.
So here are some questions :
What are the important contents to share inside the article : the main image and the intro? First nnn characters? All the article, a customizable selection?
Should the buttons be visible in any Joomla article, or only depending of categories, tags, ...
What is the best : buttons inside the article, or in a module, or a flying bar?
Is it usefull to share contents from Joomla components, like blogs, events...

What other features are usefull. For example is it usefull to insert a twitter feed as a widget inside an article or a module?
What requests needed to insert instagram pictures. Only picture? Number of likes?, date?

Any other request is welcome.
Thank you in advance.

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