With NextGenEditor, you can customize the theming setting of the central content area in the page. You can for example add a border on one side, or add a background color.



  • Border settings : style, colors, custom sides, custom rounded corners See more
  • Background settings : filling, colors, opacity, images. See more
  • Shadow settings : style, always/hover



  • You need to be logged in front side as author or administrator.
  • In the current page, unlock the page edition : click on the NextGen Editor button visible on the left side of the screen. You can now edit many contents in the current page.
  • On top of the central content area, you see a label "Content". Click on the button "Theming" near this label.
  • A window opens and lets you change the settings.



The settings are written as css instructions in a css file called at the end of each page.

The css file is written in the directory components/com_nge/assets/css/ngecustom_nnnnnn.min.css

Don't edit this file directly, the file is generated automatically each time you change a theming setting (page, position or module).