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Title component gives you a fast way to display titles in a more advanced way, with title, subtitle, 800 fonts choice, border and background settings and animations effects on the title itself but also on each sub-element.

Tip : to get more complex rendering, use panel, that has a title and a rich body.



  • Main text and second text
  • Glyph : 490 glyphs Glyphs
  • Text align : left/center/right 
  • Padding : horizontal and vertical
  • Title font settings : 300 fonts, size, colors, weight, spacing, capitalize. Font settings
  • Subtitle position : left/top/bottom/right
  • Subtitle font settings : 300 fonts, size, colors, weight, spacing, capitalize. Font settings
  • Glyph settings : position, size, colors.
  • Border settings : style, colors, custom sides, custom rounded corners. Border settings
  • Background settings : filling, colors, opacity, images. Background settings
  • Background animated effects. Background animated effects
  • Shadow : style, always/hover


Common features

This component has general features common to all NGE UI components.

  • Alignment in page : left/center/right/justify
  • Width : content/custom (% or px) 
  • External margins
  • Animated display effects (40+ effects) See more
  • Hover effects See more
  • Patterns (custom patterns)
  • Extend background on the sides : Background/Content See more
  • Conditional display : users/levels/groups, menus/categories/articles/tags/components, date/time/month/day, smartphone/tablet/desktop/printer, language See more
  • Edition permissions (content – select patterns – custom settings – display settings) See more


Inline editing

This component can be edited directly in front-end. See more



Without coding : this component can be created 100% without coding and without technical knowledge. All features are configurable on the screen.
Override : all rendered code : html, css, js can be overriden (Joomla template override). See More
API : this component can be created in PHP in any Joomla content or module/component, using the internal API. See more