Warning before uninstalling NGE before 2.2.2

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jmbouille created the topic: Warning before uninstalling NGE before 2.2.2
Be aware. Make sure to update NGE to the last release 2.2.2 before uninstalling it.
With old Joomla releases, it can block you to log in your administration area!

So, if you want to uninstall :
- update NextGenEditor to the last release 2.2.2
- you can uninstall all NextGenEditor package, components and plugins

If you uninstalled NGE and encouter this issue, here is the way to fix it :

Two ways :
1 :
Restore a backup of the website and update NGE before uninstalling it.
- find and restore a backup of the website before NGE was uninstalled.
- update NGE, installing the last 2.2.2 release
- uninstall NGE.

2 :
Fix directly the mysql database.
You need to launch these 3 commands :
UPDATE `yourassetstablename` SET rgt = rgt+2;
UPDATE `yourassetstablename` SET lft = lft+2 WHERE lft >0;
INSERT INTO `yourassetstablename` (`id`, `parent_id`, `lft`, `rgt`, `level`, `name`, `title`, `rules`) VALUES
(2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 'com_admin', 'com_admin', '{}');
To do this :
- go in your phpmyadmin area
- find the name of your assets table. It is the 4th of 5th table. Its name is like xxxx_assets, for example k43ju_assets
- change the 3 commands in a text editor, replace `yourassetstablename` in each line by your name : for example k43ju_assets
- launch the 3 commands in your phpmyadmin area

I am really sorry for this issue. You can contact me if you have difficulties.

Note that the project is still alive. A new big release with a new name will be published in a few weeks. This new release contains huge improvements, new features, themes, and plugins to many Joomla extensions.

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